Baju Adat Maluku, A Rich Tradition in Maluku

Baju Adat Maluku

Maluku traditional clothing or Baju Adat Maluku is an interesting one for us to study further. Actually, Maluku traditional clothing is not only one type because each region in Maluku has its own characteristics. 

However, this time we will examine more about Maluku traditional clothes in general and are widely known in all parts of the Maluku region. These traditional clothes actually look quite simple, not as complicated as traditional Balinese or Javanese clothes but still classy and have interesting patterns.

Baju Adat Maluku is known as the Baju Cele or Kain Salele. Here what can we learn from it.

The Characteristic of Baju Adat Maluku

The main feature of this Baju Cele is the striped motif that forms a small checkered shape. This fabric is quite thick but still comfortable for everyday use. For women, usually Baju Cele are worn with a combination of other parts, such as a sarong whose color is not too much different or with the kebaya which is a characteristic of Indonesian women’s clothing.  

As for men, the Baju Cele is usually shaped like a suit worn casually with a shirt as the inside. For the pants, the men wear regular formal trousers that are black or match the Baju Cele.  Generally, the color of Baju Cele is bright red with gold or silver motifs.  As footwear, usually black Vantovel shoes are the main choice for men and women.

For women, there are several other things that complement this traditional dress. The first is konde or buns. Actually, the buns used are similar to those in Java in general, it’s just that there are some differences in the accessories that support the buns. 

Baju Adat Maluku

Hairpins made of or resembling gold and silver are called Haspels.  These accessories are also combined with 4 ear buds and are shaped like flowers. Don’t forget to put the bun comb in the middle of the bun. Lastly, Ron’s flowers are wrapped around a bun and are usually made of cork.

The next interesting thing found in women’s Baju Adat Maluku is Kain Lenso. This cloth is actually a handkerchief cloth that is placed on the shoulder as a clothing accessory. Usually kain Lenso are glued together using safety pins. The existence of this Kain Lenso is actually a tradition that is influenced by Dutch culture.

If we look at Dutch or European women in general in the past, they usually always carried a handkerchief in one hand as an accessory that complemented the main outfit.

Influenced by European Tradition

Moluccan traditional clothing does seem to get a lot of influence from European clothing. However, these traditional clothes are still of high cultural value and are representative of Maluku culture as a whole.  

Usually these traditional clothes or Baju Adat Maluku are worn in traditional ceremonies such as washing the land, Panas Pela, or the inauguration of the king in a village, but it is not uncommon for people to use them in family events such as weddings or routine activities such as going to church.

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