Kisah Legenda Air Putri, A Legend from Seram Island

Kisah Legenda

As Indonesia has many cultures and customs, there are countless folklores and legends that can be found there. One of them is kisah legenda Air Putri from Seram Island. The legend is believed comes from a real tragedy during Dutch occupation. Here are the story and how it becomes one famous tourist spot.

Kisah Legenda from Seram Island

Long time ago, there lived a daughter named Ta Ina Luhu from Luhu Country on Seram Island. She was the daughter of the King of the Land of Luhu who is so wise, kind, and virtuous. One day the Dutch took control of Luhu and the entire family of the King was killed by the Dutch except for the princess who was captured but managed to save herself. 

Long story short, she was attracted by another kingdom named Soya. The princess was treated like a royal family.  However, it turned out that Princess Ta Ina Luhu was impregnated by the Dutch soldiers who arrested her.  She felt bad for troubling King Soya and saving himself from the Soya Kingdom.

Kisah legenda Air Putri continued, the Princess Ta Ina Luhu wanted to live alone with her current situation. He fled from Soya Palace on a royal horse and left the cold and eerie wilderness. After a long walk, Ta Ina Luhu felt exhausted and fell off the horse. After resting, Princess Ta Ina Luhu continued her journey with various miraculous events that occurred. 

Kisah Legenda

The place where she rested had now become a mountain called “Mount Nona”, then when she raced the horse fast, the hat she was wearing flew in the wind but when he was about to take the hat it turned into a rock which became known as “The Capeu Stone”.

Furthermore, the Princess continued to enjoy the Amasuhu beach area in a very tiring state and finally decided to rest and drink at a spring which until now was known as “Air Putri”.

Famous Tourists Spot

Air Putri is located on Seram Island, to be precise in the western part of Seram. To get to this place can be done by motorized vehicle takes almost 2 hours from Piru, the capital of the West Seram district. 

The place which is based on Kisah Legenda Air Putri is still very natural, even to reach this place we have to go through a dirt road that is not good. About 1.5 kilometers from the Trans Seram highway, we have to walk through the forest and go to a transmigrant village with a Butonese population. The location of Air Putri is on the edge of this village.

The long journey and the difficulties that were passed were instantly paid off when they arrived at Air Putri. According to the accompanying legend, Air Putri is a spring that is right on the edge of the coast.

Therefore, the fresh water that comes out of the spring forms a lagoon and mixes with the warm and salty seawater at one point. Air Putri’s geographical condition is very unique, a lagoon that juts into the mainland and forms a river that ends in a vast ocean. Beaches, lagoons, rivers, salt water, fresh water and shady trees are one in the Air Putri area.

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