Paniki, One of Many Unique Food of Indonesia


Indonesia is known as a country with rich in culinary specialties. Many traditional food are spread throughout the archipelago. Starting from dishes made from fruit, vegetables to meat, everything is in this country. In North Sulawesi, there is one food that is a little scary when we eat it. Paniki is the name, this food uses bat meat as the main ingredient.

Popular in North Sulawesi

In terms of taste, this dish has a slightly savory taste even though the texture of the meat is tough. This winged mammal is not scary enough for the people in Minahasa. This native of North Sulawesi seems to ignore the shape of a bat’s face that looks scary. For them, getting the delicious taste of meat is also healthy to be more important than the scary face of a bat.

How It is Made

To process Paniki, it is necessary to combine several kinds of spices so that the processing of this bat meat tastes delicious. Basic spices such as chili, shallots, garlic, lemongrass, and ginger are boiled and mixed with coconut milk until absorbed.


Not all bats can be used as processed panic. Only fruit-eating bats are used to make this special dish. This makes bat meat that is processed into panici rich in nutrients and protein. In addition, the presence of kitotefin makes bat meat very effective for treating asthma and lung diseases.

How It Tastes

To devour Paniki, which is served complete with the wings, takes a little patience and hard work. The meat is tough and a little hard to make the teeth seem to work harder to chew these mammals. But served with hot rice, the combination will be perfect for lunch.

There are tips when eating this North Sulawesi culinary specialty. The tough wing meat should not be pulled when cutting it. Because it actually makes the meat tougher. It’s better to bite harder and the sticking meat will peel off more easily.

The price of Paniki is very affordable. You can get a plate of it and a rice for nearly Rp. 30.000. In other cities, the price might be different due to the rare of ingredients which are bats. So if you have a chance to taste this unique taste, why not.

When visiting North Sulawesi, precisely in the Minahasa area, it never hurts to feel the sensation of devouring Paniki. The taste is savory and chewy and healthy to be something that might make you curious and worth trying.

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