Sekura, Annual Traditional Masquerade of Indonesia


Mask is one of many customs that spread in all around the world. Indonesia also has their own cultural mask. It is called Sekura. It is a type of mask used in a traditional party. A person can be called sekura when part or all of his face is covered. The face covering can be a wooden mask, glasses, cloth, or simply a color polish.  

To add to the excitement of the event, Sekura can be combined with various clothes with festive or flashy colors. The original mask art of Lampung has developed since the easternmost province on the island of Sumatra was under the Sultanate of Banten.  

Broadly speaking, there are several types of mask art that developed in Lampung. One of them is the tradition that comes from the west coast of Lampung.

Behind The Mask

The word Sekura comes from the word “sakhuka” which means “face covering” in the local language. Thus, it can be interpreted as a mask. This mask has been used since ancient times as equipment for civil wars.

Because the opponent is a relative, ancient people used masks to hide their faces and eliminate doubts when they were going to kill their opponents. But there are also those who say that this tradition is the result of assimilation of Hindu culture with Islamic culture in Lampung.


Currently, the Sekura tradition is held by the people of Lampung as a place to strengthen brotherhood and preserve culture. These traditions have a cultural philosophy that reflects their cultural identity. It is also an entertaining celebration to welcome Ramadhan.

The tradition is kept due to the many good values for the people. One of the most visible values ​​of this tradition is mutual cooperation and kinship. It can be seen how the people work together to make this tradition happen every year.

How Sekura Traditional Party Happens

Sekura party is a routine event held by the people of West Lampung Regency. This folk party is always held when welcoming Eid Al-Fitr. In this event, participants are required to wear masks with various characters and expressions. This traditional party is a form of expression of gratitude and joy to welcome the holy day.

In the sekura party, various groups are actively involved and mingle to establish togetherness. Each participant can bring a variety of food obtained from the gathering around from house to house. This food is then eaten together with other participants in a warm atmosphere. The Sekura party is a place for friendship and intimacy between neighbors.

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