Suku Baduy, A Tribe Who Lives Together With The Nature

Suku Baduy

Indonesia is known for it’s rich of cultures and natures. The name Baduy is hidden among the many tribes in Indonesia.  This Sundanese ethnic group lives with nature in the Kendeng Mountains, Kanekes Village, Leuwidamar District, Lebak Regency, Banten. They are one of many tribes in Indonesia who still live together with the nature.

Suku Baduy is divided into two groups called the Inner Baduy or Baduy Dalam and Outer Baduy or Baduy Luar. The most basic difference between these two tribes is in carrying out pikukuh or customary rules when they are implemented. If the Inner Baduy still adhere to customs and carry out customary rules well, on the other hand, the Outer Baduy is not. 

The Differences of Suku Baduy Dalam and Suku Baduy Luar

The Outer Baduy community has been contaminated with foreign cultures other than Baduy. They use electronic goods and also soap is permitted by a traditional leader called Jaro. They use technology to support activities in carrying out daily activities.

In addition, the Outer Baduy also receive guests from outside Indonesia, they are allowed to visit and stay at one of the houses of the Outer Baduy residents. Another difference can be seen from the way the clothes are worn. 

Traditional clothes or clothes in the daily life of the Baduy Dalam are implied in the dominating white color, sometimes only the pants are black or dark blue. The white color symbolizes purity and culture that is not influenced from the outside. It is different from the Baduy Luar who wear all black or dark blue clothes when doing activities.

Suku Baduy

Similar to the Outer Baduy, the men’s clothing of the Inner Baduy also consists of three parts.  That part is the headband or Telekung, which is brownish white in color.  Then Kutung or Jamang Sangsang which is a black or white top, and a sarong for subordinates.

“Underwear a kind of sarong called Aros, is usually worn by wrapping it around the waist and then tied using a cloth rope, similar to a belt. (Aros) with a size up to the knee,” he said. Baduy Dalam women’s clothing consists of a kemben, a kind of scarf used to cover the upper body or a t-shirt and Lunas or cloth to cover the lower body.

The Village of Suku Baduy

Suku Baduy Dalam has three villages that are tasked with accommodating the basic needs needed by all Baduy people. This task is led by Pu’un as the highest customary leader assisted by Jaro as his deputy.  Cikeusik, Cikertawana, and Cibeo villages are the three villages where the Baduy live, while the Outer Baduy community lives in 50 other villages located in the hills of Mount Kendeng.

The Origin of The Name Baduy

The name Baduy is a gift from a Dutch researcher who saw the similarities between the people here and the Badawi or Bedoin people in Arabia. This resemblance is because in the past, people here often moved around looking for the perfect place for them to live.

However, there is another version which states that the name Suku Baduy is the name of the Cibaduy River which is located in the northern part of Kanekes Village.

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